• SOLOMON’s Hair Pomade Cutler
SOLOMON’s Hair Pomade Cutler

SOLOMON’s Hair Pomade Cutler



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Cutler Solomon’s Hair Wax fixes and shapes hair to create natural or defined styles.


Cutler Solomon’s Hair Wax is the perfect hair pomade for those looking to add definition and volume with a matte finish. Made from water-based ingredients, it can be easily removed in just one rinse without leaving any residue. This wax not only provides strong hold but also sharpens your look – a tribute to its namesake, the Victorian profession of knife sharpening. SOLOMON’s Hair Pomade Cutler is perfect for any hairstyle, and with its strong hold, you can rest assured your style will stay in place all day long. Give your hair a sharp look that lasts – SOLOMON’s Hair Pomade Cutler!


SOLOMON’s Hair Pomade Cutler is an ideal choice for those with fine hair who want a natural look with long-lasting hold. It provides a light, non-greasy finish that won’t weigh down your hair and adds texture and definition without the worry of residue or product build up. Hair Pomade Cutler is formulated with natural ingredients that help to nourish and condition your hair, providing a strong hold without feeling stiff or heavy. It also helps to enhance shine and can be used on damp or dry hair styles for the perfect finish. Hair Pomade Cutler is suitable for those who have fine hair and want a natural look with long-lasting hold – so you can enjoy your style all day long!


It is advisable to take a small amount of product and rub the amount of product taken between the palms of the hands. Next, apply to dry hair to achieve the desired effect.




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