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SOLOMON’s Beard Oil Octopus



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Goodfelals Vintage barbershop Dubai is proud to introduce SOLOMON’s Beard Oil Octopus Black Oil special edition. This exclusive and luxurious beard oil provides the skin of your face with softening, soothing and restructuring properties thanks to its unique blend of Baobab, Coconut, Jojoba & Almond oil. Its perfect anti-stress and anti-aging effects, as well as its delicate fragrances of citrus, herbaceous, ambergris and white musk woods make SOLOMON’s Beard Oil Octopus the perfect product for men looking for an exquisite grooming experience. Treat your beard with SOLOMON’s Beard Oil Octopus – available exclusively at Goodfelals Vintage barbershop Dubai. Get ready for a beard that looks and feels amazing! SOLOMON’s Beard Oil Octopus – the perfect choice for modern gentlemen.


OLOMON’s Beard Oil Octopus is an all-natural product that not only nourishes and conditions the hair, but also promotes healthy beard and scalp growth. It contains a unique blend of natural ingredients such as almond oil, jojoba oil, sea buckthorn oil, henna extract, rosemary essential oil and lavender essential oil. SOLOMON’s Beard Oil helps protect the beard from sun damage and nourishes it with antioxidants. The natural oils also help hydrate and replenish moisture to the hair, preventing dryness and breakage. SOLOMON’s Octopus  works to revitalize and strengthen the hair follicles, leaving you with a nourished and healthy looking beard. This is the perfect choice for those wanting to achieve a healthier, fuller and more luxurious beard. Experience SOLOMON’s premium quality today!




SOLOMON’s Beard Oil Octopus is an all-natural and organic beard oil, designed to provide the best possible care for beards of all kinds. It is suitable for any type of beard, including those exposed to cold temperatures, pollution, salt, and skin peeling. SOLOMON’s Beard Oil Octopus also helps soothe skin that is prone to the formation of pimples, itching and irritation. Finally, SOLOMON’s Beard Oil Octopus is perfect for those with dry, frizzy, or rough beards as it helps keep the beard looking soft and healthy. Beard Oil Octopus is a must-have in any bearded man’s grooming arsenal. With SOLOMON’s Beard Oil , you can keep your beard looking and feeling its best at all times. So give SOLOMON’s Beard Oil Octopus a try today and experience the difference it makes!


HOW TO USE | Beard Oil Octopus


1. Shake Beard Oil Octopus until all the black pigment is suspended.

2. Take a few drops and warm it up in your hands to activate the oil blend.

3. Apply on either dry or slightly wet beard and massage into the skin and hair.

4. It should be kept at room temperature as it fears low temperatures. Any thickening and clouding of the product is normal and an indication of its naturalness and authenticity.

With Beard Oil Octopus, you can enjoy a soft, nourished beard all day long. So give SOLOMON’s Beard Oil Octopus a try for your best beard ever.

Happy grooming!



SOLOMON’s Beard Oil Octopus is an all-natural formula that combines the best of nature to help you grow a fuller, softer and healthier beard. It contains four key ingredients.baobab, coconut, jojoba and sweet almond oil. Which have been carefully chosen for their nourishing properties and ability to leave your beard looking and feeling its best. For a light scent, Beard Oil Octopus also incorporates citrus woods, herbaceous, ambergris and white musk fragrances.

The INCI of Beard Oil Octopus includes cocos nucifera oil, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, dicaprylyl ether, simmondsia chinensis seed oil, adansonia digitata seed oil, parfum, tocopheryl acetate, bha, bht, talc,, hydrogen dimethicone. SOLOMON’s Beard Oil  is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a natural way to keep their beard looking and feeling its best. It will help you achieve a fuller, softer and healthier beard that looks great all day long. Try Beard Oil Octopus today and experience the difference!


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